Make A (Tr)action Plan

A vital part of any achievement is having a plan. Many times the stumbling block is not knowing what to do to move forward. Getting traction is often all we need. Detailing a potential list of actions, ideas and thoughts of how we may get to where we want to go. We don’t need all of the answer to start solving the problem, we just need to make a start. When a car is stuck in the mud, it doesn’t need a clear way out, just a little bit of traction to get started. Much is the same with any problem or plan we have. Sometimes it helps to start at the end or at the achievement and work backwards to build logical steps in reverse. Sometimes we need to break things down into smaller more manageable parts. Sometimes we need to just get the order or thoughts and actions into a better flow for us to manage. Whatever the dream is, whatever to goal is, whatever the problem is, just make a (tr)action plan.

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