Love Can Be Energising Or Exhausting

It really depends on maturity. Love between emotionally mature people is energising, it gives us life. When one or both partners is emotionally immature love is exhausting. It gives us anxiety, we feel unsettled and unsure. It is up to us to work on our emotional maturity, to manage our own insecurities and to heal our own wounds. As adults it is up to us to take responsibility of our lives and become authentic and accountable for our choices and actions. We can’t be responsible or accountable for who our partners are. The work they need to do is up to them, the healing they need is up to them, not us. We can support and we can love but we can’t do anything else. We have our own path to follow, our own work to do, our own wounds to heal. How do we know when there is a lack of emotional maturity in either of us? We will be energised or exhausted. Love can be energising or exhausting.

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