Listen To Your Life

Whether it is through your body or your mind, your life is always communicating with you. When there is a message to be received, a lesson to learn or a direction to take there will always be signs. Sometimes they are very subtle, a feeling that maybe something or someone isn’t quite right. A seemingly random interaction or discovery. When we fail to pay attention the message becomes more obvious, the lesson gets more challenging, the tap on the shoulder becomes a nudge. When we still continue to fail to pay attention the outcomes can become hurtful to us, the nudge becomes a knock. The red flags we fail to or choose not to see will always come back and make themselves known. When something seems off, or doesn’t seem right, it is off. It’s not right. The more we pay attention to our instincts and intuition, the stronger it becomes. When we don’t pay attention, when we ignore, suppress or deny it we will somehow get hurt, it will not be a good outcome for us. Listen to your life.

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