Limit Your Limitations

We often feel limitations from ourselves and from others. We see them as reasons not to, or excuses why we can’t. Very few limitations are unlimited. We can choose to remove them or ignore them and get on with whatever it is we want or need to do. Many times the limits we feel are only limited from our thinking. Thinking we don’t know, thinking we can’t, thinking we need more or less money, time or skill. Whatever the limits we place on ourselves we are just clipping our own wings. If you can dream it, you can do it. Possibility and potential are always bigger than any problem. Being open to something, to anything becoming a possibility is the start of any potential. Every action, every dream, every goal all start with the same thing, the decision to try. You don’t know, until you try. Limit your limitations.

#limityourlimitations #limitationismental #youcandoit

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