Life Is Not About Avoiding Making Mistakes, It’s About Being Resilient Enough To Recover From Them

Mistakes are an inevitable part of the human experience. We can try and avoid them and become quite successful in the avoidance. Though when we do this we are likely not trying many new things and we are not taking many risks. Trying new things and taking risks are all part of our growth and our journey. When we want to feel better, get better or be better to requires change and growth. We won’t always get it right, the mistakes will happen. Trying to avoid making them isn’t helpful, being resilient enough to recover from them and move forward is. They can also serve as a purpose instead of shame. We can be embarrassed about mistakes we have made but we can also use them and their lessons to change our direction, they can add to our purpose. There are times where our mistakes can actually be our defining moments and we can become grateful they happened as they brought us to where we are now. We can recover from anything, we can move forward from anything, we can do anything. Resilience is part of how we do this, it is a skill that we develop through practice usually through situations and circumstances we would rather not experience. No experience is wasted, even in these challenging periods of our life there is always an opportunity even if the opportunity is simply practising our resilience. Life isn’t about avoiding making mistakes, it’s about being resilient enough to recover from them.

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