Life is 10% What Happens & 90% How You React To It

Life happens. We have good times, we have great times, we have challenging times and we have devastating times. The happenings of life are all part of the human experience. If you live long enough you will experience every emotion from circumstance or situation there is possible. It is our reactions to the happenings that create most of our lives and experience. We can choose to react in many different ways, we can choose to suffer, we can choose to accept, we can choose to let go, we can choose to be content.

Reactions to circumstances, to situations and to people do not need to be reactive. We can choose a response over a reaction when we practice making a decision on how we want to react or respond. It’s not always easy, especially in the challenging times. It takes work, it takes patience and is an ongoing practise. Life is so little about what happens, it’s about how we react to what happens that creates or breaks our happiness.

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