Let’s Stop Complaining, Blaming & Explaining

Complaining, blaming and explaining are all unhealthy behaviours that drain our energy. Complaining, especially about something we cannot do anything about is nothing but wasted energy. Sometimes bad things happen, it is part of being human. There is always a lesson, always an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to develop a skill (resilience) and something, somewhere to be grateful for. Where something can be changed, we can just change it (or our perception of it) which it is a healthier alternative to complaining. Explaining or justifying our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, words or actions is not required. We can choose to be confident that what we bring to the table is valid and valuable, just as everyone else’s contribution is valuable too. We don’t need to justify ourselves; We are enough. When we find someone over explaining or justifying themselves, they generally will be talking a lot. This is likely due to an esteem or confidence issue within them. As irritating as we may find it, when we understand this scenario it helps us respond with empathy and compassion instead of reacting with frustration. Practising being comfortable in silence is a healthier alternative to explaining or justifying ourselves. We don’t need to always fill the silence. We like to apportion blame to others and to ourselves, we like to allocate or discharge accountability, it’s part of our nature. Whether something is or isn’t our or someone else’s fault, blaming is a waste of our time and energy. When something has happened, it’s happened. Taking responsibility is a healthier alternative to blame. Blaming others for where we are at keeps us stuck and not responsible for our lives. Complaining, blaming and explaining are all acts of fear and ways we discharge our own discomfort onto others. It is easier to complain about something sometimes than to feel the irritation. It is easier to blame someone else for something sometimes instead of feeling the pain of it, it is easier to over explain something sometimes instead of just standing in our truth without having to justify it. Let’s choose alternatives and stop complaining, blaming & explaining

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