Let’s Stop Caring About Hurting Someone Else’s Feelings More Than Our Own

For some of us this is a painful pattern that continues to be repeated until we learn to value ourselves and truly see our own self-worth. We can sometimes prioritise someone else’s feelings ahead of our own. We are not responsible for how anyone else feels, we are only responsible for our own. When we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, it is understandable most of us don’t want others to be upset in anyway. When this can be achieved without sacrificing our own feelings then we can and should do what we can to minimise the pain or suffering of others. When this requires our own feelings to be hurt, or it causes ourselves pain and suffering to do it, we have to pause and take a minute. Get curious. We can yourselves why we are willing to hurt ourselves ahead of someone else. Giving someone else more of what they don’t already appreciate won’t make them love or care about us anymore. Our feelings are ours, their feelings are theirs. Our own mental health and fitness is ours to develop, to maintain and to protect. If something costs us our peace, it’s too expensive. Let’s stop caring about hurting someone else’s feelings more than our own.

#yourethepriority #selfworth #knowyourworth #itsuptous #theyarenotyourresponsibility #takeaminute

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