Learn To Deal With Difficult People

Life gets better when we can learn to deal with or tolerate difficult people. Some people are unpleasant, aggressive, volatile or dramatic. Some a like drains on our energy, some are argumentative, unhelpful or selfish. Knowing that they are manifesting some sort of discomfort and understanding they are discharging that discomfort in the only way they know how can help us be more compassionate. I like to choose to believe people are always doing their best with what they have in any particular moment. Not everyone always has the skills and perspective to be able to respond instead of react. It takes experience and practice and a level of awareness that comes in time. When someone is difficult, we can react to the situation they are creating and add fuel to it, or we can choose to not react at all and be silent, step back. We don’t even need to respond and if we do, we can choose kindness and understanding over expressing our view or correcting a behaviour. We don’t always need to be right, we don’t need to try to influence others and we can choose to not be affected by the situation. Everytime we encounter a person like this, it is an opportunity for growth. Learn how to deal with difficult people.

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