Learn The Lesson

Being taught something and learning it are very different things. Intellectually we may understand it, but emotionally we cant. Our right brain gets it, our left brain doesn’t. Our head has taken notice, but our heart doesn’t want to. Something can makes sense but you can’t make sense of it for yourself. It is when you can advise someone but not take the advice you are giving and apply it to yourself. We are sometimes in a battle between what we know and what we feel. Sometimes it takes longer for our heart to accept what our heads already know. In life are often given lessons to learn over and over until we learn them. Understanding is one part, applying the lesson to our life is another. Sometimes we need to ask for help, sometimes we need special assistance, a tutor. Whether it be a therapist, a coach, a mentor or a specialist there is strength in asking for help, not weakness. With the right amount of determination, education, support and practice anyone is capable of almost anything. Learn the lesson.

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