Karma & The Law Of Attraction

Whether we believe it or not, what we do onto others is already done onto us. What we project, we receive. What we give out, we get back. If we are angry with someone, it comes back to us . If we are loving, love comes back to us. When we are patient, we become more patient, it comes back to us. We attract what we are. The more kind, patient and loving we become, the more kind, patient and loving we become. The less we react instead of responding, the less reactions we get. The better we feel, the better we feel. The more acceptance we have, the more acceptance we receive. The braver we are, the more bravery comes back to us. The more we smile, the more smiles come back to us. Want to attract something? Anything? Be more of what you want and it will come to you. The secret of attraction is to love yourself, when we do we are in flow and it comes back to us. When we don’t love ourselves we are not in flow, we act in fearful ways and that continues to come back to us. The law of attraction applies to our feelings, thoughts, actions and words. It starts with awareness, acknowledgement and some conscious effort on our part. Once we focus on it, once we start it gets easier, life gets easier. Life gets better. We feel better. We get better.

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