Just Because They Carry It Well Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Heavy

We have all had trauma in our lives, situations and circumstance that has changed us and made us who we are today. We have all suffered and could still be suffering. We may feel anxious, we may feel low. We might be worried, we might be grieving. The human experience is not an easy one. If we live long enough we will experience every emotion, the good and the positive and the bad and the negative. The more we experience, the more we grow. The more problems we solve and the more lessons we learn, the better equipped we are for whatever is going to happen next. We become stronger and more resilient but it doesn’t mean what we are dealing with or learning from isn’t difficult. From the outside looking in someone may appear to have it all together and maybe they do… Though it is good to remind ourselves, just because they carry it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.

#trauma #resilience #growrth

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