It Starts With Self

Everything starts with us. How we think, how we feel, how we act, what we say, what we do. When we think about and focus on us, specifically our overall fitness and our health through self-care and attention we feel good, we act good, we say good and we do good. Whether it is hydration, movement, exercise, meditation, nutrition, our sleep and rest or any other of the number of principles we can practice; When we look after ourselves life is better, we feel better. When we don’t feel good emotionally, it starts with self. When we don’t feel good physically, it starts with self. What can we do to feel better? Am I prioritising me, am I looking after myself? Self-care isn’t a panic strategy to offer an immediate remedy to a short-term challenge. It’s a preventative strategy that prevents long term challenges from happening. Prevention is always preferable to cure. It starts with self.

#startswithself #selfcare #youarealwaysthepriority

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