It’s Ok To Have An Off Day

We don’t always feel good, we don’t always feel ok. Sometimes we just need to draw a line under a day and start again tomorrow. When we resist this and try and correct and try to produce and be productive it can be exhausting and frustrating. There will be days we just don’t feel like it, we just don’t want to, we just need a break. It’s ok to take a day. You will likely feel better tomorrow and the chances of that better feeling rely on how you react to the day you are having today. Push against it, you may feel worse. Embrace it and let it pass through, you will likely feel better. Sometimes we are in flow, sometimes we are not. Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we don’t. It’s ok to have an off day.

#itsoktohaveanoffday #justdontletitbetwoinarow #itsoktonotbeok

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