It’s More Respectful To Admit We Don’t Have Enough Information To Discuss A Topic Than To Argue...

Don’t let pride get in the way of admitting to your mistakes, we don’t always have all of the information or knowledge to have well rounded perspectives and points of view. Sometimes we don’t want to appear less knowledgeable, or less competent in a conversation (Why is that? We can’t know everything about anything?). We want to appear to be intelligent and educated. (Why is that? Not knowing enough about a topic doesn’t mean we are not intelligent or educated). We can enter into debates with a narrow point of view which is our truth of the time and become frustrated when we don’t convince others to see what we see. The truth is we don’t need to be right, we can choose to understand an opposing or different view. Our need to be right can block us from gaining that understanding, getting more information and a seeing a different perspective. Insecurity is often loud, confidence is more quiet. A question can be more constructive than a retort or response. We can choose to be respectful of another point of view no matter how far away it is from our own. We will never have all of the information, we don’t all have the same past, experiences and skillsets as others so we will all see things differently at times. Different isn’t wrong or right, it’s just different. It’s more respectful to admit we don’t have enough information to discuss a topic than to argue out of anger.

#wecanneverknowenough #askmore #bettertounderstandthanberight

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