It's Hard To Heal What We Hate

‘I hate my legs’

‘I hate my hair’

‘I hate my X, Y, Z…’

There are many things we look at in ourselves at times that we are unhappy with. It is likely we have thought or said we hate this or that about ourselves. Altering our self or body image, developing our self or body confidence and learning to accept and love who we are can be a challenging process. It is possible to accept love ourselves whilst we are improving or working on what we can or what are able to and want to change. The process is much harder when we hate part of what we want to heal. We all have self-perceived flaws, we all have imperfections, we all have attributes that others covet and others have attributes that we covet. Having a body image perception that is negative or uncomfortable is a wound. It may be an old wound, or it may be a recent one. No wound cannot be healed with the right treatment, we just may need some help with the healing.

Hating something, anything or anyone takes a lot of energy. We can learn to become neutral and not have negative feelings about situations, circumstances or people at all. It’s not easy, but it is possible. If we want to heal, if we want to feel better, get better and be better, releasing these negative feelings helps the healing happen faster. It’s hard to heal what we hate.

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