It’s Hard To Discover What We Are Really Capable Of If We Work To Avoid Failure, Imperfection & Risk

Failure is a core ingredient of success. Imperfection is the norm, perfection doesn’t really exist. Progress always involves risk, we can’t get to second base without taking our foot off first base. The most successful people have failed the most, they just get back on track much quicker than others. Perfection is a form of procrastination, it slows our progress and becomes an obstacle. Good enough and done is better than perfect and pending. Risks come in many forms, they involve a level of discomfort and are the way out of our comfort zones. The more things we do that we are afraid of, the more our self confidence builds. The more confidence we build, the bigger the challenges we will take on. Capability comes from courage, progress comes from risk, success comes from failure. It’s hard to discover what we are really capable of if we work to avoid failure, imperfection and risk.

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