It Is What It Is

When situation or circumstance happens that we are want and are happy about, we unconsciously accept it. We don’t really even give it a second thought, it’s happened we are happy about it and we let it go. When a situation or circumstance happens that we don’t want or unhappy about our natural first response is to want it to be different, we want to change it, we don’t want this to happen or keep happening. When a something happens regardless of what it is, we cannot change it or change our perception of it until we accept it first. If something good or bad has happened, it has happened. It is what it is. Whenever we dwell on what could have been, or think about how we want it to be different we start to suffer it continues to hurt us. Acceptance is a skill of mental fitness, a skill that is only developed by practice. Accepting situations, circumstances and people for what and who they are makes life better. Once we accept, we can then look to change a situation we are not happy about. For any situation or circumstance that cannot be changed, we can always change how we perceive it and we can always change how we feel about it. Somethings are easier to accept that others, the harder the thing to accept, the bigger our acceptance skill becomes when we get through it. Whenever anything happens just think, it is what it is.

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