It Is Possible To Care What People Think & Do It Anyway

We are told and taught to not care what people think, ultimately that is freedom. Waiting for that to happen for and to us, to wait for the letting go of caring what people think before we do anything? If we wait for that, we won’t get anything started. It is possible to care what people think and just do it anyway. When we don’t act because of what someone may think, do or say we are putting their potential thoughts, actions or words ahead of what we know. What you think is more important than what others may think about you. You will never be criticised by anymore doing more than you, only by those doing less than you. Not every opinion is valid, not every opinion is required. We can be brave, we can be afraid or concerned or worried and still just do it anyway. Our life, our goals and our growth is up to us, not anybody else. As much as anyone else’s life, goals and growth is up to them, it doesn’t have anything to do with us. Whenever we see someone trying something new, working on their goals or stepping outside their comfort zones we have choices… We can say and do nothing. We can question, judge and compare. Or, we can encourage, help and cheer them on. When we are trying something new, working on our goals or doing something outside of our comfort zones we can remember everyone around us has those same choices on how they want to react or respond to what we are doing. It is possible to care what people think and do it anyway.

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