It Doesn’t Get Better, You Get Better

It would be a wonderful thing if situations, circumstances and relationships just got better, if life just got better. They don’t and it doesn’t. They ebb and they flow, there is good and there is bad, there is fast there is slow. For all of the great that happens in life, there are always the challenges to match. There is a beauty in the balance of life. Our circumstances, situations and relationships don’t get better, we do. For all the difficulties and challenges that come along the way, we overcome them, we learn and we grow. We get stronger, more resilient. We get more tolerant and more patient. We get better at dealing with the difficulties and the challenges, the difficulties and challenges that are a natural and unavoidable part of the human experience. When we find ourselves wishing and wanting something to get better, we are not accepting what has happened or happening so we cannot change it, or change our perception of it. We can’t really change anything apart from ourselves. What we can do is look inside of ourselves and ask ‘What can I do to get better?’ and ‘What is this here to teach me?’ It doesn’t get better, you get better.

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