Is That Helpful?

What we do, what we think and what we say to ourselves and others sometimes has much consideration and sometimes it doesn’t. We are usually on autopilot, we just do it, we are ourselves and do and say and share what we think is right. What we talk about, what we share in person and online, what we create we are adding our energy to. Just because we may agree, or we may think something is right doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be spoken about or shared. It is healthy for us to think, ‘Is that helpful?’ whether something is right or wrong to us or good or bad. There are many things we may think and share that are just not helpful to others to hear or see. Similarly there are many things other people may think and that would just not be helpful to us to hear or see. In this age of social media and the dominance of fake news, underhand opinions and selective perception there is much unhelpful information around us. Whether we agree or disagree with a message or not, asking ourselves if it is helpful to think about it, talk about it, or share it about is considerate. Considering others is helping others. Our opinions aren’t always helpful to the people we communicate too. So before you share anything take a minute and ask, is that helpful?

#isthathelpful #becarefulwhatyoushare #fakenews #conspiracies

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