Is It Intuition Or?

As we grow and heal we are able to start to question, is this my intuition or is it my unhealed trauma misleading me? We all have gut feeling, we all have instinct and intuition. When we start to really feel our feelings and sit with them. When we really start to experience emotions they pass through us instead of us numbing them with substances or behaviours, supressing them or denying/ignoring them. Feeling is healing and over time our instincts and intuition are also strengthened. How we have coped in the past, through the numbing, supressing or denying of feeling has also done the same to our instincts and intuition. It has numbed them. As we grow and learn to trust these internal compasses the awareness of the remaining unhealed parts of us, our remaining trauma becomes much more important. Asking ourselves and really questioning is this my intuition or is it my unhealed trauma? Am I wary or encouraged because of what’s happened to me or am I right to be wary or encouraged intuitively? It’s good to question, it’s good to be curious, it’s good to reflect. When we are triggered we are being reminded of our unhealed wounds and the work we still need to do. The more work we do, the more we heal, the less triggered we become and in turn our intuition and instincts become stronger and easier to feel and separate. Start to reflect when wary or encouraged, is it my intuition or?

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