Is It Impatience Or Disbelief?

You go back to work after a bad day, you forgive your children when they misbehave, you get back up when you trip over. When we are not getting the results we want our issue is sometimes not a lack of patience, it’s lack of trust or belief or an uncertainty in the process or plan we are following. For something, for anything to happen the very first step is to believe in the possibility that it could be. Being open to a possibility becoming a reality. Patience is a skill we can practice and develop as part of our mental fitness. Having the belief in something, that itself starts as a seed within us. Sometimes when we see something, read something or hear something we just know it to be true. That’s our instinct. If something doesn’t seem or feel quite right, it’s not. That is also our instinct. The more we trust in that instinct, the stronger it gets. It is a mental muscle to develop and help guide us in life. In whatever it is we set out to do, on the journey when results are lacking take time to reflect and think, is it impatience or disbelief?

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