Interrupt Unhelpful Thoughts

If someone kept saying unhelpful things to us we would end the conversation, we would hang up the phone, we would walk away. When the unhelpful things are our own unhelpful thoughts we tend to entertain them. We let them continue, we let them carry on. Our self-talk drives our thoughts, our feelings, emotions, mood and actions. When the self-talk, our inner voice is an inner critic, it isn’t helpful and can be harmful. When the self-talk, our inner voice is an inner coach/ally, it is helpful to us and healthy. We can change our self-talk, we can change the inner voice. It starts with the awareness of what is happening in your mind. Acknowledging that a thought isn’t helpful and then interrupting it. Over time and with practice this becomes easier. If can be done mentally, it can be done physically by writing out thoughts down or saying them out loud to ourselves or others. Knowing and understanding that thoughts are just thoughts, not facts is helpful. Telling ourselves a thought isn’t helpful, is helpful. Left unchecked these thoughts will continue. Interrupt unhelpful thoughts.

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