If You Have A Strong Motivation To Do Something Unhealthy...

Our habits are built either consciously or unconsciously. Usually healthy habits (like regular exercise or our prioritising sleep routine) are built in a conscious way, we think about it, we plan it, we focus on making it happen. So it happens.

Unhealthy habits are usually built unconsciously. It’s unlikely anyone picks up a cigarette and dreams to be a life-long smoker, or someone has a couple of drinks one evening and goes on over time to drink every evening. We don’t think about these things, we don’t plan it, we don’t focus on making it happen. It still happens.

When we look at our lives and understand our habits, whether they be healthy or unhealthy it’s important to understand what is possible. You can build a habit in two ways, and in whatever way you have built a habit and a behaviour, you have the capability to reverse it. It often comes down to choices, our determination and our discipline – all coming from the voice inside our heads, our self-talk. ‘I can’t’. 'You can'. ‘I need to’. 'You don’'t. ‘But I like it’. 'You don’t like what it does to you'. What you are capable of doing, you have the equal capability of not doing and vice versa. If you have a strong motivation to do something unhealthy, you have the capability to have a strong motivation not to.

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