If You Can Attach, You Can Detach

We can become attached to many things... possessions, people, positions and perspectives. We can start to identify with our attachments so much that when our attachment becomes threatened in anyway it can completely disrupt our life. We can become devastated at damage or loss. It can consume us. When our attachments are the source of our joy, our contentment or our happiness instead of just adding to it we will forever be at risk of this complete devastation and destruction. We are not our possessions, we are not our relationships, we are not our positions or roles in life and we are not how we perceive things. We are just us. It’s nice to have nice things, it’s reassuring to have relationships, we all have positions we play and perspectives we perceive in life. But that is all they are, possessions, people, positions and perspectives. When we don’t choose to lose these attachments and we do, it is useful to remind ourselves that if we can attach, we can also detach. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is a law of nature. Being open to that possibility of being able to detach is what helps start our acceptance of it. Once we are open to the possibility, over time life gets better. We can start to accept the detachment and our perspective changes. Our only true and worthy attachment is to ourselves, our development and our growth. Unfortunately we can spend much of our lives detached from that. It’s up to us to cultivate that attachment ahead of all others and maintain that attachment, It’s not always easy in our busy lives but it is possible. We are the priority, if that is what we choose. As for the possessions, people, positions and perspectives? If you can attach, you can detach.

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