If You Are Ghosted, Respect The Dead & Move On

It’s an unfortunate aspect of this modern media world, ghosting. We can chat and connect and it all feels good then nothing. It stops. They’ve gone. Ignored, no reply it’s goodbye. It’s a behaviour that is so hard to understand when it’s not something we could or would do ourselves. The behaviour of someone else is never about us, it’s always about them. Some people respect connections less when they are online rather than in person. If that’s their value system, then that’s their value system. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just different to yours (if you’re not a ghoster). We can choose to keep messaging, keep thinking, keep hoping for a reply a response or any other validation or we respect ourselves more and move on. Giving someone even more attention won’t make them value the attention you’ve already given more. No sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Yes sometimes it is hurtful. We don’t always get the answers replies and respect we deserve. Being able to accept that and let things go makes life better. If you are ghosted, respect the dead and move on.

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