If We Are Not Speaking It Out Loud, It Is Not A Boundary

Many of us are understanding the importance of boundaries. What we will accept and what we won’t accept. We are starting to understand that our needs are important, who we are is important and being who we are and stating what we need is ok, it is enough, we are enough. This may be new to us when we have spent so long prioritising the comfort of others ahead of our own needs. When this is switched it can be uncomfortable in the short term but becomes much more comfortable and authentic in the long term. Having boundaries and setting them is one thing, communicating them and saying them out loud is another. It is the final step. ‘I am not comfortable with…’ ‘I need X, Y Z…’ ‘I would prefer this because…’ whatever it is, we need to be brave and state what we need, state what is and what is not ok. Our needs are more important than making others feel comfortable. It is not selfish or ‘needy’ to have needs, they are just what we need to be authentically us, to feel safe and to be comfortable. We experience growth when we realise some people have loved our lack of boundaries and not actually us as people and that’s ok. When we know better, we do better. When we are connected to others whilst being our true selves, with our boundaries clear and communicated the connections are stronger and more resilient. We are more comfortable, we feel more secure. So remember, if we are not speaking it out loud, it is not a boundary.

#boundaries #needsarenotneedy #authenticity

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