If They Don’t Know You Personally, Don’t Take It Personally

It is very easy to become affected by the thoughts, actions and words of others. We can take so much so personally from people we don’t even know. It keeps us small, it keeps us in the same place doing the same thing. It keeps us in fear. Over time we start to prioritise or validate the possible thoughts of others ahead of our actual knowledge of ourselves. We think someone may think we are uneducated or skilled, when we know we are educated and skilled. We think someone may think we don’t know what we are doing, when we do know what we are doing. There could be so many different things we think someone may be thinking about us, when we know that they are not true about ourselves. We know us, they do not know us. What we know about ourselves is more important than what someone else may think about us. Others will make judgements about us and comparisons to us, we can’t stop that. Those judgements and comparisons are based on a filter of how they see the world, not just us. That filter is their past, their experiences, their thoughts and their skills. All of which will be different to ours. Just because we think it, doesn’t make it true. It’s not personal, even if it can feel that way. If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personally.

#itsnotpersonal #donttakeitpersonally #whatyouknowismoreimportantthanwhattheythink

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