If A Conversation Is Hard It Is Probably Worth Having

There are so many things we avoid talking about. Situations and circumstances we find uncomfortable, painful, difficult. Whatever it is we don’t want to talk about we really need to talk about. When we hold hurt, when we hold shame it stays dark and it stays inside. When we let go of the hurt and share the shame it gets released into light. Sometimes we don’t tell people how we feel to potentially protect how they feel which only keeps us feeling the way we do. We don’t say things so we don’t f*ck something up, but when we don’t say things it f*cks us up instead. It’s not always easy or comfortable to have conversations. Leaning into the discomfort leads to growth. Being brave builds confidence. The more we can talk about how we really feel the better we start to feel about it. What we think may not be a fact, but it is what we think. What we feel is always valid. We are valid, always. Much in the same way as what someone else thinks is what they think, it may not be a fact but it is what they think. What someone else feels is always valid, they are valid, always. Whatever happens we continue to learn and we continue to grow. If a conversation is hard it is probably worth having.

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