I May Not Understand, But I Have An Understanding

Everyone is going through something, somethings we know about, many things we don’t. When we are made aware of a struggle our natural response is to soothe, encourage and help try and pull someone out of it. If we can lessen someone’s suffering we would try. Sometimes there isn’t anything we can do, or what we could do the person isn’t ready for. If we can’t immediately help or it isn’t appropriate, wanted, or required we can always be curious. We can listen without forming an opinion, we can hear someone without offering reassurance and a reply. We can just try and understand, we can just try and feel with them. What is a big deal to someone else may not be a big deal to us, what’s a big deal to us may not be a big deal to someone else. Suffering is suffering, we can all relate to that. When someone is in pain, we can recall our own pain; The situations and circumstances don’t need to match. When someone seems hopeless, we can recall times where we have felt hopeless. This helps us feel where someone else is. Sometimes we or they don’t need anything, we/they just need someone to listen. No replies, no advice, no encouragement. We may not always understand but we can have an understanding.

#struggle #listen #compassion #empathy

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