I’m Better Than You’ Is ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ In Disguise

We’ve all experienced other people, the people that quite obviously express how much ‘better’ they are than us in their opinion. They can boast, they can belittle, they can judge, they can compare and they can mock. Knowing that other people’s behaviour is a reflection of them and a projection from them is helpful. It doesn’t make it hurt any less sometimes, but it is helpful to know that that is the only way they can cope. Many people cope by projecting how they feel or a lack from within themselves onto others. The feelings they have, the needs they feel of being better than someone else, is just a lack of self-worth from within them. We may even do this ourselves. Or we may do it internally when we compare ourselves to others and think we are more successful, more beautiful or more anything. We aren’t more or less than anything in reality in regards to other people. The only worthy comparison we can have is to us, to who we were compared to yesterday, last month or last year. When we compare to others, we aren’t comparing apples with apples. We have all experienced different genetics, upbringings, educations, privilege, cultures and health. We may be comparing our chapter 20 with someone else’s chapter one. We aren’t better than anyone. Only better than where we were. When we feel better than, or we feel like someone is better than, really that is just I am not good enough in disguise.

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