I Am Not My Face, It Is Just My Face

We have or can become identified with how we physically look, we become who we present to the world. We are attached to it. Learning to understand we are not our face or our bodies is growth. We have a face and we have a body but they are not who we are. When we are identified with our physical selves we have so much potential to pick fault with who we are (or think we are), focus on the flaws of who we are (or think we are), we can love who we are (or think we are) and lose that love when we physically change or age, or we can’t love who we are (or think we are) because we don’t like parts or all of who we are (or think we are). When we think we are our face or bodies it is hard to love and continue to love who we think we are. When we learn to understand who we are is not our face or better, life gets better. We are our love, our compassion, our knowledge, our skills and so much more. We are these things that only continue to grow, to strengthen and to shine. These aspects of ourselves only become more enhanced and strengthen with time, whereas our faces and bodies age and weaken over time. When we look in the mirror do we see who we really are? Or do we just see our face? It is possible to see both. I am not my face, it is just my face.

#itswhatihavenotwhoiam #bodyimage #wearenotourfaces

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