How You Make Others Feel About Themselves Says A Lot About You

Have you ever wondered how your actions and words impact on others? It could be people you know, or people you don’t. We regularly interact with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. We also regularly pass people on the street, online or on the phone that we don’t know. How do we make these people feel? Are we polite? Are we kind? Do we smile? Do we even acknowledge someone is even there. How do we treat people that can do nothing for us? Is that different to how we treat people that can? Do we contribute more than we criticise? Do we make judgements and comparisons based on our bias? Think about all of the people you interacted with yesterday? How do you think these individuals felt after their interaction with us, no matter how brief or seemingly insignificant it was to us?

A smile goes a long way. Eye contact matters. Our kind words could be the only kind words someone may hear that day. We are responsible for our own energy, thoughts words and actions. As everyone else is responsible for their own. We can take the lead, we can try and be a little bit more. It could mean a whole lot more to someone else. How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.

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