How To Build Motivation Step Six: Habits & Routine

A habit is a behaviour pattern developed by frequent repetition of the act over and over until our brain does it automatically. Habits can be controlled or modified. Habits can take from 21 to 30+ days to build, lifestyles can take 90 days to build. Structure helps build habit. Diaries, to do lists, self-care checklists of even an order of our day, anything that helps add structure helps add to routine. Routine builds habit and habit eventually becomes motivation. Quitting is also a habit, not finishing things is a habit. We build habits consciously (usually healthy ones) and unconsciously (usually unhealthy ones). Habits are quite easy to build, but they take time and conscious effort to do it. If you cannot work to times, work in an order of activity. An example could be: Wake, stretch, shower, brush teeth, breakfast, walk…etc. Plan in and prioritise any learning you want to do, reading/listening/practising a skill. I like to tick things off a list, it keeps me on track and motivated. I use a self-care tick list and make sure I accomplish it every day.

Taking on too many habits to adopt at any one time can be challenging, practice and master 2/3 at most then add more over time. We remember, we forget, we remember, we forget. Habit support our subconscious minds to keep things remembered in our conscious minds. Adding organisation and structure is a habit that is helpful for the addition of further habits. We can all be more productive by prioritizing what is important ultimately. We can consciously avoid distractions by keeping ourselves accountable and keeping our word to ourselves. When we say we are going to do something, our self-trust builds (and so does our discipline) when we keep it. Morning and evening rituals and routines are a great start, write them down and follow a list if it helps you, this helps build a foundation of habit. Use a journal for brain dumps, our lists of things to do. Keep cleaning and de cluttering as part of a routine, it helps keep our minds clean and clutter free. We can an routine to anything that is important or a priority to us (like self-care), your mind will find reasons not to do something, you can find more reasons to do it.

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