How To Build Motivation Step Four: Action,JFDI, Progress & Problem Solving

Action is energy. Beliefs create thoughts, amplified by feelings and emotion create actions and behaviours which create momentum and ultimately our reality. Action is what power is. We can think things and we can say things, but doing that is what changes everything. The key is to start, then just keep going no matter what. If we are not willing to fail, we are not willing to succeed. Procrastination halts progress. Just doing something no matter how small every day keeps progress above procrastination. It could be as simple as starting with one push up, one cup of water, one page of journaling or going to one social event. Start today and repeat tomorrow. ‘Five minutes exercise is better than none’ is preferable to ‘If I can’t do an hour I won’t bother’. Don’t give up. The beginning is often the hardest. Focus on the small steps and consistency, it matters. Don’t think they don’t matter because the results aren’t immediate. It doesn’t matter how slow we go or how small the step is so long as we do not stop. Sometimes results are so small we don’t see them. Imagine a roll of paper towel, we don’t notice the roll get smaller when we take a piece every day or so, it is not until it is almost finished we realise how much has gone. Monitoring AND recording progress is so important. Whether it being writing down how many cigarettes we smoke and watching the daily amount reduce or reading journal entries to see our mindset changes, monthly reviews are a great way to keep motivated to stay on track. If we skip this step of recording it, we have a much higher chance of losing motivation later on.

Initially it is natural to focus on perfection rather than progress. Progress is ALWAYS more important than perfection. Good enough and done is better than perfect and pending. Just because it is taking us longer doesn’t mean we have failed. Keep going. Convenience ruins things, we want everything so instantly without having to exert any real effort. Microwave life. It’s sometimes a slow process but quitting wont speed it up. We can also waste time waiting for inspiration (mood often follows action), complaining (pointless waste of energy), trying to please everyone (we will always fail attempting this), comparing ourselves to others (the only worthwhile comparison is to yourself yesterday), perfectionism (it doesn’t exist, nothing is perfect, it’s impossible) and by watching TV (wastes time, over-stimulates, not very helpful). Because things may not go well in week 1 or month 1 is no reason to give up. Keep going. The small results we see build momentum when we progress. When we need to solve problems we can simplify them into smaller chunks, we can modify or adapt our approach, we can create a temporary solution for even just part of the problem, we can reframe the problem and look at it from other angles or we can innovate by creating a solution. Trying things is action. If we tried 10 attempts we may achieve 8 failures and 2 successes. If we tried 0 attempts we would achieve 0 failures and 0 successes.

We can encounter progress blocks like alcohol, wasting time by gossiping, complaining, blaming, caffeine, the news, having a need for certainty, having a need for control of outcomes, having anxiety or a noisy mind, having need for validation or having too much stimulation (phones, social media, TV). If we find ourselves surrounded by blocks, we can choose to take action to remove them. We will get objections to action from within ourselves and from others around us, it’s a natural outcome to change and action. We will hear ourselves say ‘I don’t have enough time’… There are 168 hours in a week, we can spend 40 hours working, 56 hours sleeping; 36 hours eating, showering, travelling and having fun and STILL have 36 hours remaining. ‘I’m too busy’… We may be busy but we can re-prioritise what we ultimately want over what we want right now. ‘I’m too tired’… Our sleep and rest needs to come up on our priority list. ‘I can’t be bothered’… Nothing changes if nothing changes. Just start, mood follows action. ‘I’m not a structured person’… Motivation is built on habit, we can all structure ourselves when we want to, that’s an excuse not a reason for inaction. We will hear people say, ‘play it safe’ ‘you should be happy with what you have’ and ‘you’ve changed’ When someone judges us, or makes a negative comment they are projecting something from within them onto us. The best way to respond with compassion and love. We have all done exactly that. Someone else’s opinion doesn’t define our reality. Don’t worry about what they think, we should worry about what we think, we have to live with our choices, they don’t. Our circle should want to see us win, they should clap and cheer the loudest when we have good news and make healthy and positive change. If they don’t, we need a new circle. When people are unsupportive we can stop asking why they keep doing it and ask ourselves why we keep allowing it. What we allow is what will continue. Pay attention to who you’re around when you are making positive changes and feel your best. You’ve got this.

The cycle of taking action starts with: I wont, I don’t know, I wish I could, I want to, I think I might, I might, I think I can, I can, I am, I did. Where are you in the cycle? What is your next step?

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