How To Build Motivation Step Five: Practice

Practice is the fundamental principle. To practice is to perform an activity or exercise a skill repeatedly and regularly to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency. In our lives we have learned to expect things so quickly, next day delivery, instant access a microwave life. We need to allow ourselves time to be a beginner, no one starts off being excellent. We need to learn to persevere and build on progress into proficiency. Some skills take a little effort, some take a lot. Little by little, we get there, we get better. Whatever skill it is we want to improve if we just do a little bit more every day, we will achieve it. When we practice it could take 100 times of not getting it, only to get it and master it the 101st time. Why waste the 100 times of trying by giving up? We will get there, you can promise yourself. Know that talent isn’t just natural, every skill we want to develop or maintain in all of us needs consistent effort and practice. For some of us some skill development feels easier due to some natural attributes we have, we are all different and have different attributes. Don’t compare yourself to anyone except for yourself vs. yesterday. Just keep going. There will be days we fall. There will be days we go backwards. This is normal and should be expected. We can just get back on track the next day and move forward, don’t stop and don’t give up. When we have started to develop a skill and we decide to quit after not making some progress for a while, it would be like getting one flat tyre and then slashing the other three tyres. Success and progress aren’t linear, sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down, sometimes we’re diagonal. Just keep going. It takes time. Failing is an integral part of succeeding. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how quickly they pick themselves back up again after a fall and keep going. This is what practice is. Failure leads to success, we have to be willing to, expect to and be happy to fail over and over to finally get there. This is what practise is. Keep going. Consistently. Practice is conscious and active. The more we practice the faster a skill grows and develops. Not practising can lead to regressing. Practise doesn’t just develop a skill, it maintains it. We have to consciously learn and absorb skills for the subconscious to start to do the work. We are practising all of the time whether we want to or not. Consistency is a must over perfection, every time. Aiming to be perfect is almost pointless, just aim to progress. Being imperfect is practice. Expect it. Practice is try then fail then analyse then adjust then try then fail then repeat. It is not try fail try fail try fail quit. Practice until we get it right, then practice until we can’t get it wrong. Then use the skill by practising daily for mastery and continuous improvement. Try, try again, try once more, try differently, try again tomorrow, try and ask for help, try to find someone who’s done it, try and fix the problem. Keep trying.

When we trip over we don’t stay on the floor, we get back up no matter how hard it is and how much it hurts. Failure is always an opportunity to learn, it’s practice.

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