How To Build Motivation Step Eight: Results & Motivation

Motivation isn’t something we just find, it is created by doing something consistently even when we don’t want to. Consistency leads to results, results lead to motivation.

The primary motivators of humans are seeking pleasure, avoiding pain or something being efficient or being easy. For anything to be efficient and easy we need to be good at it, we get good and better through practice, we practice within a structure or a routine building habits. We won’t start each day motivated, this is where our discipline comes in, which is built from the habits. Start each day fresh and accept imperfection enthusiastically. We can always get help and support from mentors and experts. Looking at our progress helps keep our motivation thriving, recording our results as pointless as it may seem on our journey at the time, is incredibly helpful to us further down the road.

With enough positive self-talk and positive visualisation, with the right support of knowledge, training and mentoring with practice, anyone can do and achieve almost anything. Remember that. Motivation is no harsh self-judgement it is just challenge to do better than yesterday, motivation is keeping going. Reward yourself at milestones, consistency deserves congratulating. Think progress over perfection every time. An imperfect published book, is better than a perfect unpublished book. Good enough and done is better than perfect and pending. If we want something to be perfect we will be waiting a very long time, well after our motivation has disappeared.

Success is attracted by developing key skills such as our self-talk becoming an inner coach; Self-confidence, built by doing things outside of our comfort zone; Communication and listening, hearing people without forming opinions and stating what we want; Managing time, by having routine and structure and appropriate priorities; Consistency by keeping going, putting in the work even when not seeing progress or results; Punctuality; Honesty, by keeping promises to ourselves and others; Networking by being open to connection and asking and accepting help, no one succeeds completely alone; Having empathy & compassion, for ourselves and others; Persistence, if we don’t stop we can’t fail; Overcoming rejection, what we didn’t have we haven’t lost, carrying on; Failing, this is how we learn; Discipline, prioritising what we ultimately want over what we want right now; Overcoming doubt, the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves; Embracing imperfection, this is how we build momentum, we can’t wait for perfection, it doesn’t exist; And being unaffected by criticism, everyone will have a point of view, what we think is more important that what they think.

Our competition isn’t anyone else. It’s procrastination, it’s the limits and negative beliefs we set and have about ourselves, it’s avoidance and it is even a fear of success. Motivation isn’t a mountain to climb, it’s climbing the mountain with the right equipment and skills to make it efficient and easy. Develop the equipment/skills and we develop our motivation.

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