How People Treat You Is How They Feel About You

If we are not being prioritised, we are not a priority. If we are not being respected, we are not respected. If we are not being shown care, we are not cared about. People are always communicating with us, verbally and non-verbally through words and through actions.

Actions are much more powerful than words. When actions and words do not match or when they disconnect it damages trust. Without trust, there is little else in any form of relationship we have. We will forever be disappointed if we expect people to act, think or behave the way we do. Everybody is doing their best with the skills, experience and knowledge they have at that time. Life gets better when we realise that other people’s behaviour is much more to do with them than it ever is to do with us. We do however need to be honest with ourselves. How we are being treated is how someone feels about us. We can hope it to be otherwise but having these expectations will likely lead to disappointments. All we can do is treat people how we feel about them. If someone is a priority to you, prioritise them. If you respect someone, treat them respectfully. If you care about someone, show that you care. How people treat you is how they feel about you.

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