Hope Is Always There Even When You Cannot See It Or Feel It

Much like the sun hope is always there. At night we can’t see it, in winter we can’t feel it, on cloudy days we don’t experience it, but it is always there. Hope is sometimes the only thing we have for certain, even when we don’t see, feel or experience it. It is hope that we will feel better, hope that something will change, hope that we will gain a new perspective. Whatever we have experienced, whatever we have endured, whatever we feel like we have lost, there is always hope. Whatever the feeling, the situation or the circumstance it will change. Sometimes we can go for days without seeing the sun, but we know it is just behind the clouds and generally the sun always comes out tomorrow. Hope is always there even when you cannot see it of feel it.

#hopeisalwaysthere #likethesun #hope

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