Healing Doesn’t Happen In The Past, It Happens In The Present

Whether we care to admit it or not, we all carry unhealed wounds. The mental wounds that affect the way we react or respond to situations, circumstances and other people. Signs we might need healing could be always being in a bad mood, even when nothing is wrong, we may often get into conflicts with others, we may find many thinks difficult or a struggle or we may be experiencing anger, anxiety, fear or shame. We can choose to address the hurt and start to heal, or we can choose to ignore it and hope it goes away on its own without too much scarring. What really hurts us is reliving what has happened instead of accepting it or wanting it to be different than what is was or is. That is suffering. The past can only be a place of reference, it cannot be a place of residence if we want to heal how we feel. Active and conscious acceptance starts with being open to something becoming a life experience, not letting it be a lifelong issue. If we have been hurt we need to acknowledge and admit we have been hurt. Feel the range of feelings and emotions attached it (as opposed to ignoring them, denying them or numbing them), then letting them pass. This is the first step of letting it go, accepting what’s happened and moving forward with our lives. Healing doesn’t happen in the past, it happens in the present.

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