Healing Becomes Easier When We Share

When we talk we release, when we open up we let out, when we admit we can accept. Our feelings are our feelings, some are enjoyable and some are not so much. All feelings are valid and all feelings will pass when we feel them. When we share how we feel, when we are honest with ourselves and others the noise inside our minds begins to get quieter. What we don’t want to talk about is probably what we need to talk about the most. We avoid it because it hurts. Avoiding it doesn’t heal it, it prolongs it. The feelings stary with us when we numb (with substances or behaviours), we supress, we deny or we ignore. If we want to feel better, we can do so by sharing. If we want to get better, we can do so by being braver. What triggers us teaches us, if we are open to learning the lesson. The lessons get repeated until we are willing to learn them. When we share we let some light into the dark spaces of the darker feelings. They get lighter, we get lighter. Healing becomes easier when we share.

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