GymTimidation: Building Confidence In A Gym

If you are completely new to the gym, many offer inductions which I suggest you take advantage of to familiarise yourself with the space and the equipment. The machines all usually have instructions on them, so this can help support the instructions & direction I have given in the exercise notes. You will need water, a towel & comfortable clothing.

It is completely usual to feel some ‘gymtimidation’ or anxiety about going to the gym when you first start. It doesn’t feel comfortable for many to begin with.

The two most common fears of going to the gym include:

‘I don’t know what to do/what I’m doing!’

You have this guide & plan, you just need to follow it, you do know what you are doing, you’ll be ok!

‘Everyone will be looking at me!’

If you feel this, it is a common worry. I suggest you go & sit on a machine or walk on a treadmill that overlooks a large area of the gym. When you start to look around, the vast majority of people in the gym are actually looking at themselves, not anyone else.

The only people that get looked at are the ones that make noises when they lift weights (so don’t do that) & when someone is wearing something unusual or inappropriate. If you are just wearing casual plain gym clothes, no one will even notice you are there. The more you go, the more used to it you will become. Put some headphones on with your favourite music & get the work done.

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