Guilt Antidotes & What Helps Me

We have to take responsibility for our guilt. If we did something bad, we did something bad and accept the responsibility for it. We need to know that we are human, know that we make mistakes. We can learn from it. That is growth. When we have an interaction or demonstrate a behaviour and didn’t stop in time to prevent it, it’s ok. We can take the time afterwards to journal a better way of dealing with or handling the conversation or situation. We can actively ‘do over’ what happened, think it through and write it down. This is a powerful way of helping us learn a lesson. We can ask, what is this here to teach me? Acceptance of self and our actions is what helps dissipate guilt. When we own it and accept it, we can address it. Sometimes we can make amends, sometimes that isn’t possible or appropriate. Whatever it is we feel guilty about once we accept it, we can start the process of letting it go.

#takeresponsibility #acceptance #amends

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