Growth Requires Rest

Nothing healthy can continuously grow without taking a break, without rest. We are constantly stimulated, our minds are bombarded with sights, sounds, ideas, challenges emotions and thoughts. We are so busy doing and thinking we have little time for reflecting and resting. Bodies develop and change in the rest time not in the exercise/gym sessions. Minds develop and change in the rest time, not when they are being exercised or stimulated. Taking time every day whether it is five minutes or 25 minutes is helpful and healthy. Being mindful, taking a minute of no phones, no noises, no interruption. It could be stretching, breathing, meditating, or even just sitting outside in nature. Whatever works for you, whatever helps you is right for you. The benefits to mental rest and mindfulness aren’t always instant, they are cumulative. Little by little over time makes a big difference. A difference in our outlook, our calmness, our ability to handle the stresses of life and in our concentration spans. Take a minute and if you don’t have time to take a minute you need to take two. Growth requires rest.

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