Freedom is in Feeling Feelings

Feelings are not good or bad. We can feel trapped in our feelings when we don’t want to feel them. We get stuck in a rut, in a loop of discomfort. We will do anything we can to not feel some feelings sometimes. Unfortunately what we resist will persist. When we numb a feeling through substances, or we ignore it or push it down it doesn’t go away. It stays with us and we continue to suffer. The unfelt feelings can manifest in rage, anger, depression and our ability to have restful sleep. The way out is to let the feeling pass through you. If you feel sad, feel sad. If you feel disappointed, feel disappointed. Whatever the feeling is, once you feel it, it will pass. Every feeling, every emotion is temporary. They only stay there when we resist them or try and change them. You will feel better later. Later today, later this week or at some point later on. Be gentle with yourself, be patient with yourself. When you are hurt and you need to heal it isn’t ever an instant fix. If we cut ourselves it will take some time to heal, mental wounds are the same they need time to heal. When you next feel trapped in your feelings, make a conscious effort to feel what you are feeling and let the feeling pass through you. We need to be able to allow ourselves to learn to be able to feel without judging what we are feeling. All feelings are valid. Any emotion is ok, emotions are human, it is part of our experience. What we feel is valid. We need to built the habits of talking about, writing about, naming and taking responsibility for our feelings. We need to break the habits of bottling them up, not feeling them, numbing/masking them, reacting instead of responding and projecting them onto other people. When we feel disturbed, we need to notice the disturbance. Sadness might be saying we need a cry; Loneliness might be saying we need connection; Shame might be saying we need to share something; Resentment might be saying we need to forgive ourself or someone else; Emptiness might be saying we need to do something creative; Anger might be saying we need to check in with our boundaries; Anxiety might be saying we need to be brave; Stress might be saying we need to break things down into one step at a time. Freedom is in feeling feelings.

#freedom #feelingfeelings #letitpassthroughyou

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