Feeling Leads To Healing, Understanding Leads To Growth

We really don’t like feeling uncomfortable feelings, we avoid them most of the time. The more we feel the more we heal. Either comfortable or uncomfortable feelings can, if we choose to lead to curiosity within us. What am I feeling? Why am I feeling like this? How is this affecting me? What is this really about? Feelings can lead us to aspects of ourselves we can learn more about. If something makes us feel good, we want more of it. If something doesn’t make us feel good, we can learn to become less affected by it. Triggers are our teachers. When we are bothered by something it will come down to a wound in us somewhere that still needs some attention. Life doesn’t need to be lived angry, hurt, anxious, sad, worried or melancholy. Things will always happen in life that will be not what we want, but we can learn how to deal with them and move past these things with much less suffering. The resistance we have to situations and feelings is the cause we create more much of our suffering. Stress comes from wanting a situation to be any different to how it is. When we can change something, we should. When we can’t, not matter how difficult we need to accept it. Once accepted we can start to let it go. Understanding this is what leads to our growth. It is all much easier said than done. Acceptance is not instant, it’s cumulative. It takes time. More time than we want it to. It starts with being open to the possibility of accepting a situation. The longer we are closed to it, the more we prolong our suffering.

Feeling leads to healing, understanding leads to growth.

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