Fat Won’t Make You Fat

Some of us know this, many of us don’t. Fat doesn’t make us ‘fat’, our calorie consumption being more than the calories we burn is what makes us ‘fat’. Total calories is what really counts. We can be influenced by ‘low fat’ products thinking they are good, when they could be high in calories whilst still being low in fat. To lose weight your body needs to be in a calorie deficit. It needs to burn more than it consumes. Creating this deficit through moving more is the preferable way to create a deficit rather than calorie restriction alone. When we start to understand calorie intake or start to read about weight-loss can get very focused on ‘macros’. Specifically ‘carbs’ which have become demonised much like fat has. Again, its total calorie intake that is most important, not how much or how little carbohydrates you consume. When losing weight, apart from total calories the most important parts of the calorie make up are fibre and protein. We all need to eat more plants, this will improve our fibre intake depending on how they are prepared and consumed. Protein is a crucial part of a diet that is often under consumed. We need protein to rebuild our cells, our muscles and bodies. Increasing our protein intake is often required, it makes us feel fuller which results in less snacking. Adequate hydration, consuming water is also an important part of weight-loss. The more hydrated we are the less water we could retain (this is dependant on other factors like salt intake). Our BMR (base metabolic rate, you can google how to work this out) is a good starting point for calorie intake guidelines. With this in mind we can plan our calories, with sufficient protein, fibre and water intake. The more we move, the more calories we burn. The more we educate ourselves on calorie content, the easier our weight-loss becomes. Eat more protein, plants and whole foods (not processed), reduce the amount of processed foods you consume and reduce/remove liquid calories (alcohol, lattes etc) and you will be well on your way. Resistance training is an often overlooked tool in weight-loss. It conserves and builds muscle mass (when adequate protein is consumed and the resistance is progressed over time) which helps the body raise its BMR and burn more calories at rest. Without adequate protein and resistance training you are likely to lose more muscle mass in weight loss when you want to be losing bodyfat.

Total calories = more protein, whole foods, fibre, plants and water. Less processed foods, salt and liquid calories. This combined with more movement daily and regular resistance training will change your body. Fat won’t make you fat.

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