Everyone’s A Mirror

We can learn so much about ourselves through the actions of others. What other people do, we do. We see, we judge, we assume, we know, we don’t realise, we are. Often we don’t see in ourselves what others demonstrate for us. We are all different, but we are all the same. When someone does something that bothers us, that is likely that something is something that bothers us, about or within us. When we can observe without judgement of others, we can start to observe ourselves without judgement and vice versa. We can reflect on ourselves and on the people around us, everyone is a mirror as we are to them. Understanding others can help us understand ourselves, understanding ourselves can help us understand others. Whilst comparison is never helpful, observation without judgement is. Everyone is just doing their best with the experience knowledge and skills they have in that moment. As we learn more and understand more and so we know better, then we do better. Everyone’s a mirror.

#everyonesamirror #reflection #observation

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