Everybody Is Doing Their Best

We are often frustrated, upset or disappointed by others. Their actions, their behaviours or their treatment of us. When people hurt others they are simply directing their own hurt towards us instead of managing it for themselves. When someone blames another person, they are discharging their own discomfort. When someone is complaining, they are expelling their own irritations. Behaviour is not the person, it is what they are doing and how they are coping. When we consider that whatever the situation, people are generally doing their best with the skills and tools they have at the time, we can become more accepting and more compassionate. An individual’s behaviour is always more about them that it ever is about us; Yet we all manage to take it so personally, when it is not ours to take. Some of us do not have the mental fitness, strength or skills to manage our own hurt, pain or discomfort at times so we deflect it onto others. The more we can respond with kindness, understanding and patience the better our life gets. By not reacting and not adding fuel to a fire is the best way to let a fire burn out. It is rare that there is a real intention to hurt someone else. Sometimes hurt people, just hurt people. Everybody is doing their best.

#everybodyisdoingtheirbest #compassion #understanding

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